… dAy 2 …

"if a child can't learn the way we teach,
maybe we should teach the way they learn".

***Ignacio Estrada***

July 26, 2016

Day two saw the batch of teachers separated into their respective subject groups – mathematics, the sciences and information technology. Of course, I would move with the science teachers to Glenmuir Lab1. Our facilitator Mrs Norma Williams (seen here below)

norma williams Through her guidance, we were introduced – or re-introduced as the case has been for some – to the ministry’s education portal: moeschools.edu.jm. We were supplied with temporary login credentials, in order to gain access to the portal space, after which a few demos were done, in terms of utilizing the tools within the portal.

screenshot below


screenshot slide show below

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We were provided with what would later be the default user credentials, i.e.,:




The ICT infusion into the NSC, is integrated under four (4) strands, namely:

  1. Communications & CollaborationTools: skype, blogs, whatsapp, etc.
  2. Research, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision MakingTools: Grolier, Encarta, Google Scholar, etc
  3. Design & ProduceTools: MSWord, audio/visual editing tools, etc.
  4. Digital Citizenship…ethical, social,cultural and legal issues, arising from online collaboration and safe browsing practice

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